Letter of Recommendation Policy:

You are required to have taken at least one course for which I was the instructor, or have been engaged in a project/thesis under my supervision with at least a letter grade of BB .

You must submit all the documents listed below at least two weeks before you wish the letters to be prepared. The following should be submitted:

  1. I prefer giving on line references. Otherwise, reference letter forms of the University or Institution filled out as much as possible, including my contact details as given below.
  2. For each form, you should supply an envelope addressed to the instutition for which the letter is intended for
  3. <s photocopy of your most recently available transcript and a copy of your ranking in your class which can be obtained from the department secretary.
  4. A photocopy of your curriculum vitae or resume, or a biography serving the same purpose in essay form.
  5. A statement of purpose. This can be combined with the essay biography into a single essay if desired.
  6. A letter of recommendation for yourself including your strengths and weaknesses.
  7. Your standing in your class
  8. If available, a photocopy of any standardized test results such as GRE, TOEFL, LES etc.
  9. A signed list of which universities, companies, etc. references should be prepared for.

If you decide not to send the letter I prepare to a particular institution or decide to send it to another institution, you must first inform me and return any unused letters.

Please ask for all your reference letters as a single batch, not a few at a time.

If the institution is in Turkey, you should indicate whether the letter should be written in English or Turkish.

If you are applying to departments other than electrical engineering, please indicate so.


Prof. H. Isil Bozma
Department of Electrical Electronic Engineering
Bogazici University
, Bebek 34340 & Istanbul, TURKEY