Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Bogaziçi University
Bebek 34342 Istanbul Turkey
Tel: 90 212 359 7199

Director: H.Isil Bozma [bozma at]

Prospective Graduate Student or Postdoc

If you are interested in machine vision, sensors, mobile robotics, control theory, mathematics and biology,  ISL is a good match for you.

Our goal is to build working autonomous systems – probably at very primitive levels of operation compared to most biological systems – yet having some biological features nevertheless. While we build most things, at the same time, we do try to undertand the underlying theoretical problems. Typically, each student works on something theoretical and some experimental demonstration of the theory.

If you are still interested, take a look at our publications and read about our research. Make sure that there is a match between your interests and ours. If so, pls contact me via email. When you do, make sure your email is well-informed and specific to our lab.

Prospective Undergraduate Researchers